FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Why is my bottle leaking?

The lid may need adjusted tighter or looser to keep water from leaking.

How many players can play KAP IT at one time?

A single game of KAP IT can be played with 2 to 4 players, but the game can also be used in tournaments to accommodate groups over 100 players.

Are there other games to play other than “21”?

Yes. High score in 10 flips, K-A-P-I-T (our version of Horse) most lands in 90 seconds, the number of different gamed are endless. Please check out these and more creative games at kapitgame.com/about

Can I make up my own game with the KAP IT mat and bottle?

Absolutely! Please get as creative as possible and share it with the KAP IT community. @kapitgame #kapitgame

Can I just drop the bottle on the mat where I would like to points?

No, the bottle must make one full rotation end over end before it can be counted as a land.

What happens if I flip the bottle and it lands less than half on the mat?

The bottle must land mostly on the mat to get the point, if not it is 0 points and that flip counts as one of your 3 possible flips for that turn.

What happens if I lose one of my bottles?

You can easily order replacement bottles, mats, and caps, at kapitgame.com

Is there a governing body over the competitive sport of bottle flipping?

YES! You can check out The World Bottle Flipping Organization (worldbottleflippingorganization.com) for world record information and sanctioned tournaments in your area.

Bottle flipping is annoying why would I want to promote more of it?

Random bottle flipping is annoying, but with KAP IT we have a solution to the randomness. KAP IT gives bottle flippers of all ages a structured game that gives the task parameters and meaning. We believe the game will bring some competitive sport with a focused strategy and most importantly a beginning and an end.

What is the recommended fill line of the bottle?

You are free to fill the bottle to your preferred level, but scientifically speaking, 1/3 of the bottle filled with water is optimum for bottle flipping. We have strategically placed the bottom of the KAP IT label close to the 1/3 mark. So if you fill up your bottle to the bottom of the label…you should be ready to go!

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